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The Rose by TimeAngel-113224400
The Rose
A Prayer for those who lost lives in Paris and for the people who lost their loved ones. This should not have happened to a beautiful city of Paris. 
Winter City Clock tower by TimeAngel-113224400
Winter City Clock tower
To the deviants and people who are in Paris, I will pray for peace of Paris. Paris is a beautiful country, and whoever did these bombings, have a very wrong and sick mind to do this. ? Like why do that? Isn't Paris is a Love country then a hate country. 

Sorry for the rant deviants. :( 
enjoy the new photo! 
Cyborg comic page 4 by TimeAngel-113224400
Cyborg comic page 4
Yay! Finally like I said Cyborg comic page 4 was on its way. There is more different designs on this page because I am still experimenting the software. so yah this comic is a experiment for practicing working on cartoons or comics on softwares. This was done on Photoshop CS6!

Did my best! and
enjoy reading the comic! 
Kim Possible Halloween Costume by TimeAngel-113224400
Kim Possible Halloween Costume
Hey Wade whats the sitch? 
Another photo taken by my friend Dayna! :) 
Its me as Kim Possible for Halloween! 
Enjoy! ^^ 
Kim Possible by TimeAngel-113224400
Kim Possible
My Kim Possible costume I wore for Halloween! :) Always wanted to be Kim Possible as a kid! I am still very young so I decided to be her for halloween! :D 

Boo ( Enjoy!) 

What is Silent? Is it good or Bad? I am confused of what to write but its the silence thing I am so overthinking about. Is it good? I am told that I am very shy, but also I open my mouth too much. like...

So yah! Am I really a victim if I am silent? why do I tell people why I am so mad and sad about something that I feel its wrong, and I am hurt? Why? Is it a human way? Alot of people would tell how they've feel hurt, sad , or angry. but a lot of people suppress it because we were taught to not do that in public. and to Grow Up! Why cant we just be ourselves, and feel whatever we feel and to show others how we felt. then people would care. alot of times if we will hide those feelings inside us because then people wont laugh at us or turn us down. Is that caring? What do you think?

We chould always care for one another, no matter what or what we look like. We are all different and the same. we all make the same mistakes in life, If you ever think you did that one mistake no one has ever done before. You Are Wrong! Some and out of billions of people went through it at tougher times.

If some people are silent then who is in Power that makes us silent?

Is it bullies, the law, or abusers, or working at a terrible work place. What about the freedom of speech?

As always when I stay silent, it means I ve been shut up, people dont care, and I am finding out the truth, so when I say things, it will be the truth. But being silent, is it the Truth? Can the truth be hiden and never be resurfaced?

What I really hate when people say "Its none of you're business", then why are you near me, and letting me near whats happening. You know I am part being in this family, in this world, like everyone else I am human. Like whats going on with you're life that you dont want anyone to know about. for examples.. of what people go through in life that are bad or in tough days V  

... Your Birthday, age, sex, having sex with someone that you don't want your family to know about, Sexual Abuse, Rapist, did some crime, in jail, in prison, or that you stole something, cheated on somebody, letting somebody down, abuse someone in you're family or friends, that your gay, Lesbian, Bie* misspell, or A Geek, Anime Freak, or what you believe in, or you go to church to be with Jesus Christ, Atheist, Jewish, or any kind of Religion, Racist, A Murderer, having a disability, or having health issues, Financial Problems, your in debt with creditors, drugs, alcoholic, being broke, have problems with money or drinking, a drama queen... and so on

So All I am saying, whatever you do people will know eventually in your life, and your not the only one. In this small world with those billions of people out there, there will be someone like you who do those "None of your business Your Mistakes", . So is being silent, can make you a liar? or a very strong or a weak person? How will people hear you if you need something? Humans dont read minds at all... dun dun duuuhhhhh.... We are human, and we should be heard when things aren't right, and tell the truth no matter what! And why can't we all accept things for what or who they are?

so yah.. what do you guys think?


Shyanne Kelly
Hello!!! ^^

Favourite genre of music: all kinds
Favourite style of art: abstract, anime
Favourite cartoon character: Sakura from Cardcaptors

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